Woodblock studio

Woodblock printing technique has been passed down in Kyoto for no less than 1,200 years since it was introduced into Japan. Woodblock prints are still evolving.

Takezasado was born from Takenaka Mokuhan which had been established in 1891 as a craftsman studio of woodblock printing by hand.

We have woodblock prints, interior stuff, stationery, and sundries which have particular color tones and designs. They are all original items made by each craftsman’s hands and fine sensibility.


The technique of traditional woodblock prints passed on to our age was established in the Edo period.

Many kinds of printed matters such as Ukiyo-e prints were popularized, and therefore a huge amount of printing was needed.

In order to produce them in a smooth and accurate way, the process of making prints was divided into three separate tasks performed by different specialists: paint, engrave, and print.

Warm feeing design
made by hands

Our products what our studio's desiners paints are created by their hands.

The artist, called "E-shi" in Japanese, creates the original picture by using bold composition and fewer colors.

They draw original designs with non-uniform and soft lines. Also, with the bold composition and ingenious color structure were used.

Their design gives the picture friendly impression and depth. You can feel some sense of nostalgia.

Face to woodblocks
Engrave their surface

The engraver, called "Hori-shi" in Japanese, whittles the surface of wooden plates and makes woodblocks to print. The boards are made of cherry blossoms, Magnolias, plywoods and so on.

The craftsman engrave their surface of plates and the high-skilled people can incise the lines even less than 1 mm.

These woodblocks are also one of our art works.

Adjusting the colors
Printing the pictures faithfully

The printer, called "Suri-shi" in Japanese, completes the print by using woodblocks and a handheld rubbing pad.

Before printing, the coloration is compared with that of the sketch. Colors are mixed considering the tone of the Japanese paper and the degree of absorption into it.

By pressing down on the back of the paper on the block with a baren (a disk-like device with a flat bottom and knotted handle) in a thorough way, the colors will be penetrated into the paper.

The process is repeated by changing the blocks, then a sheet of finished work will come out.

Woodblock printed design
change to various materials.

Takezasado's new product brand consisting of MOKUHAN.

MOKUHAN features textiles, interior items, and kitchen tools whose designs and patterns are represented on the materials other than paper from among those of woodblock prints.

We would be glad if you feel more familiar with woodblock prints through our items and designs.

The ancient printing technique
This is woodblock

Woodblock printing technique has been passed down in Kyoto for no less than 1,200 years since it was introduced into Japan. Woodblock prints are still evolving./p>

Through our items and workshops, we convey to the world what woodblock is, and through research and restorations of the past woodblock prints and blocks, we pass down the precious skills and knowledge to the future generations.

We are enjoying CREATION!

Takezasado co., Ltd

Representative Kenji Takenaka
Founding in 1891 (established as Takenaka woodblock studio)
Shinkamanza-cho 737, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan access
URl http://www.takezasa.co.jp